About Iceroyds!

Iceroyds! is an indie sportive competition game.

Up to 4 players simultaneous, or up to 8 players non-simultaneous can play in a single computer.

The "sports" in Iceroyds! are clear references to classic arcade or console games, with enhanced gameplay elements, and a little bit of humor.

Iceroyds! is available for Windows and Linux (x86).


Click here to download the demo version now:


-Call your friends, and tell them to bring their joypads : competition mode for up to 4 players simultaneous, or up to 8 players non-simultaneous;

-Create your own customized characters, and save them to play again;

-Compete against other players to collect trophies, or play solo to put your name in the hall of fame, and collect medals;

-Test your skills in the fun and addictive Challenge Mode;

-Play using joysticks, joypads, keyboard, mouse or touchscreen;

-Receive online updates automatically, with enhancements, new levels and new game content;

-Play 5 different sports : 5 games in 1;

-Classic gaming brought back to life, with totally new elements, enhanced gameplay, and a little bit of humor.

Click here to buy the full version for only USD 9.98:

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